Sleepless in Park City

Day 2 of the Automattic Grand Meetup is about to start. It’s 7am now and dark outside. Now begins the Day 4 of my 10-day trip, and the night preceding it involved about four hours of sleep, as well as a lot of turning from side to side and three yoga sessions in attempt to get my mind and body to cooperate and actually rest.

This means the day starts with a jetlag and a headache. 😦 I am understandably worried about holding up today: following a JavaScript workshop in the morning and in the afternoon, and being able to carry normal conversations throughout the day. I love traveling, and I love coming to the US, and I wish it was all possible without a jetlag.

My survival plan for today: go for a swim as I finish typing this post, walk and stretch outside during the class breaks, no alcohol (this is actually my resolution for the entire GM), swim and hot tub after dinner and Town Hall, bedtime at 10.30pm.