Winter Designs with Fusible Beads

I wanted a low maintenance activity to keep kids productively busy and relatively quiet. It totally fulfilled the promise, but the side effect was that I, too, got addicted!

The winter feeling: still going strong in our household.


  • share the contents of your bead tub with friends or your kids’ daycare — one tub goes a long way!
  • get a set with a couple of simple but interesting shapes (a heart or a flower)
  • search online for patterns to reproduce, then go crazy with your own ideas


  • buy elaborate templates with directions to recreate — chances are, the kids will want to make up something from scratch
  • heat up your iron too much — you might damage the peg boards!
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I’ve seen fusible beads in every daycare and after school care that my kids have attended. Do you or your kids play with fusible beads, too?