October 2013 in one picture and a few words

October was a crazy month. Came back from the Grand Meetup in San Francisco, took 9 hours or so to recover from a 9-timezone jetlag, finished my Terms of Service rotation (Community Guardian → Happiness Engineer again, yay!), caught up on some things, did some things, committed to doing even more things.

The W

Photo courtesy of Josh Root

Take Your Daughter to Work, Minsk Edition

My dad took me took his office this morning. I’m in Belarus for two weeks and wanted to get out of the house to reduce distractions and interruptions.

That’s my dad’s calculator and fax machine next to my MacBook Air. He uses both and does not have a computer at work. He has a laptop at home that he uses mainly for reading and watching Belarussian and Russian financial and economic news.


Office for the Afternoon

Working on an post, enjoying the outdoors terrace. The past few months in Geneva have been rainy and grey and the bad weather is supposed to return tomorrow, so I don’t mind a bit of traffic noise and screen glare if I can sit outside.